CUTS & Styling

Women’s Cut $72+
Men’s Cut $52+
Signature Blow Dry $42+
Updo Design $92+
Image Analysis $22  An in depth consultation allowing your stylist time to analyze your needs, wants and hair history in order to create a custom tailored design and maintenance plan for you.  


Color Touch Up $82+
Foil Highlight $62+
Balayage $82+
Bleach & Tone $132+
Gloss/Temporary Pigments $67+
*All color service prices subject to change based on hair length, texture and density.  For an accurate price quote and service time, we offer a personal Image Analysis for $22.

makeup & wax

Makeup Application $42 or $87
Brow Shaping $27
Men’s Brow Cleanup $17
Lip, Cheek, Chin, Nostrils, Ears, or Hairline $17


Perm $142+
Japanese Thermal Reconditioning for Smoothing or Straightening $150/hr
*All Texture services require a consultation before reservation is made to accurately quote price and service time.


Learn how to use the styling tools and products you already have, master your everyday blowout or gain new ideas to change up your look.   $97
Learn the make up skills you’ve always wanted to know. Whether it's a 10 minute makeup application, mastering the perfect contouring or just trying out some new shades.    $97
Ever wonder why celebrities always look so glamorous? The answer is eyelashes! If you’re not already wearing them, here’s your chance to learn how.  $47
Brow Shaping
Perfect brows are possible. Learn from our expert make up artists what it takes to keep your own brow shape looking perfect all the time.  $47