The Circle Salon opened in February 2009, as Chicago’s premier “zero impact” hair salon.  Our commitment to protecting the environment as well as the health and safety of our guests is one reason behind the company’s name.  The Circle also symbolizes the natural social nature of our business and the career path we help to create and nurture for each employee.

Our eco Mission

At The Circle Salon Chicago, we always consider our impact on the environment in the decisions we make daily.

In order to cover the costs involved with being green, we allocate $2 from each service as an "environmental surcharge".  This ensures we are able to properly dispose of and recycle as many materials as possible.  

Here’s what $2 does:

  • Proper disposal of the chemical waste, helping to minimize water and land contamination.
  • Your hair clippings are used to clean up oil spills. 
  • Recycling of difficult to recycle items, such as, hair color foils, aerosol cans, empty hair color tubes, blow dryers, hair clippers, various styrofoam.

We have many more in-salon efforts that help us lesson our impact. If you want to know more, please ask your stylist for more information.

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